International Association

for Educational and

Vocational Guidance

Membership categories

Cat. 1. Individual Members: practitioners, researchers, policymakers, etc.*

Cat. 2. Institutions or Organisations NOT delivering educational, vocational or career guidance or counselling to (categories or segments) of clients. These can be educational institutes and schools, research and policy centres, ministries and organisations.

Cat. 3. Regional or National Associations

Cat. 4. Institutions or Organisations delivering educational, vocational or career guidance or counselling to (categories or segments of) clients by trained and qualified staff/professionals.

* Individual Members who are seniors (no longer in paid employment) or students (currently pursuing Bachelor or Master’s degree level studies) can apply for a 50% discount on the membership fee by sending a copy of an ID confirming their senior or student status to: Please also indicate whether you are eligible for the standard discount (see section III in How to apply). In your request please include the following information: first and last name; email; phone number (including country code); address; working language (EN, FR, ES, DE).

Members pay an annual membership fee to remain in active status. To run for elections to the IAEVG board or executive committee, candidates must be IAEVG individual members (Category 1) or be officially nominated by the association or organization through which they are IAEVG member (Categories 2, 3, and 4).

 The IAEVG is a  non-profit-making association governed by the provisions of the law of Luxembourg

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