Internationale Vereinigung für Bildungs- und Berufsberatung

IVBBB Kommuniqués

Die IVBBB veröffentlicht regelmäßig Kommuniqués zu Themen, die für die internationale Gemeinschaft von Berufsberater:innen von Belang sind. Kommuniqués sind ein Aufruf zum Handeln für IVBBB-Mitglieder, sich für diese Themen als Förderer im Beratungsfeld einzusetzen

How to make most out the communiques

  • Reflective Reading: Read and ponder on how the Communiques address key issues relevant to our field and those we serve

  • Discussion Initiatives: Spark conversations with colleagues to share perspectives and insights about the challenges and solutions presented in the Communiques.

  • Incorporate into Meetings: Utilize Communiques in organizational meetings or retreats to inform discussions and strategic planning.

  • Professional Association Highlight: Encourage your association to feature Communiques in newsletters and as resources for webinars and workshops.

  • Link to Standards and Ethics: Relate Communique content to your professional standards and ethics, enhancing advocacy roles.
  • Use in Events and Teaching: Present Communiques at professional events and as teaching tools in career development courses, inviting analysis and application.
  • Policy Maker Engagement: Share Communiques with policymakers to inform them about career guidance issues and encourage partnerships.

  • Contribute to Future Communiques: Participate in suggesting topics and writing for future Communiques.
  • Share Your Stories: Let us know how you've creatively used Communiques, fostering a learning community among members.


Die IVBBB ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der den Bestimmungen des luxemburgischen Rechts unterliegt

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