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for Educational and

Vocational Guidance


Anyone who has an interest or involvement in career, educational and vocational guidance, including career development may join the IAEVG. We will be very happy to welcome you to our international community!

Members pay an annual membership fee to remain in active status. To run for elections to the IAEVG board or executive committee, candidates must be IAEVG individual members or be officially nominated by the association or organization through which they are IAEVG member.

Membership fees

Membership fees vary according to category of membership and also number of members if you are an association or a guidance provider. The size of an organisation determines the corresponding number of votes.

IAEVG, as a global association recognises the diverse economic conditions worldwide. We use United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) to offer a fair four-tier fee structure.

How to determine your membership fee?

I. Select Membership Category

Determine the category of membership first:

Cat. 1. Individual Members:
ractitioners, researchers, policymakers, etc. (Seniors and students can apply for a 50% discount). 

Cat. 2. Institutions or Organisations (not guidance or counselling providers):
Educational institutes and schools, research and policy centres, ministries and organisations.

Cat. 3. Regional or National Associations

Cat. 4. Institutions or Organisations (guidance or counselling providers):
Those offering career guidance or counselling services by trained and qualified staff/professionals.

II. Indicate the correct number of members

For membership category 1 and 2:  a single fee applies. 

For category 3 and 4:  fees vary based on your organisation's size. Select the appropriate size interval in the membership registration system. 

    III. Apply the discount code (if eligible)

    Consult the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) categories here HDI_2021-2022.pdf to find your countr's HDI  (Very High, High, Medium or Low). The basic membership fee is presented for the Very High HDI. Use the corresponding discount code when applying:

    • Discount code for Low HDI = L-HDI                                         
    • Discount code for Medium = M-HDI                                            
    • Discount code for High HDI = H-HDI                                          

    Special discounts for individual members

    Seniors (not in paid employment) and students (enrolled in Bachelor or Master´s programs) can apply for a 50% discount. Please email a copy of your ID confirming your status to, including your full name, email, phone number, address and preferred language (EN, FR, ES, DE).


    The IAEVG is a  non-profit-making association governed by the provisions of the law of Luxembourg

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